Women Should Walk in Groups

Women Should Walk in Groups

Women Should Walk in Groups
Women Should Walk In Groups

Women Should Walk In Groups

In early January, Meredith Emerson and her dog went for a hike on Blood Mountain in Georgia. Blood Mountain is a very popular and beautiful hiking destination in the southeastern part of the US and we all have a right to hike it either alone or with our friends.

Unfortunately for Meredith and her family there was an evil man walking the same trails that day. By kidnapping and killing Meredith he not only took Meredith’s life, he also took away the sense of peace and comfort many women find in walking alone.

Meredith did nothing wrong that day. Blood Mountain is not an isolated trail in a sparsely populated area. It is rare to walk it and not encounter several other hikers. The only thing that possibly would have saved her is if she had been accompanied by other people.

I have walked Blood Mountain many times. I have also walked the trails around Atlanta and the Chattahoochee National Park by myself or with my Golden Retriever Zoë.

Walking by yourself allows you to enjoy the quiet and reflect on things that are happening in your life. It gives you time to put things in perspective. You can enjoy the sounds of nature free from the chatter of your friends.

I will no longer hike alone; I will always make sure that I have at least one friend with me. This evil man has stolen from me and every other woman one of the few free and truly enjoyable experiences in life.

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  1. coffeediva 10 years ago

    This is a sad reality but it’s what our world has come to. As a woman, I always take someone with me on hikes. I make sure it’s someone I’m going to enjoy conversation with so that can be a bonus.


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  5. Tory 11 years ago

    Sad that woman can’t walk alone. Good advice

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