Weight Watchers . . . Lose Weight Keep Weight Off

Weight Watchers . . . Lose Weight Keep Weight Off

Weight Watchers . . . Lose Weight Keep Weight Off
Weight Watchers Testimony

Several years before I turned 50, I decided I needed to lose weight. Actually I decided I needed to lose weight long before that, but facing 50 provided me with the motivation I needed.

My weight had been creeping up both as a result of age and a minor injury I incurred that restricted my mobility. I tore a tendon in my calf playing tennis and could not flex my foot for about two months. This meant no tennis. No walking. No swimming.

After sitting around eating and drinking for a few months I realized that I was gravitating more and more towards any piece of clothing with an elastic waistband. My weight gain was proving to be both uncomfortable and expensive – buying all new work clothes was not an option.

Providing even more motivation to lose weight, my sister had recently lost a lot of weight by attending Weight Watchers. There is nothing like having to get weighed by a group of older, chatty women every week to motivate you to get serious about losing weight.

Weight Watchers helped by providing me with the following tips:

  • I was meticulous in keeping a journal of everything I ate and drank as well as every activity that could be counted as exercise. As my calf healed I discovered walking was the easiest exercise, something I could do every day wherever I was. I wrote down everything I put in my mouth and every step I took
  • I started eating breakfast and stopped eating vending machine snacks. I still snacked but I stuck to low fat, low salt, low calorie foods.
  • I started weighing myself several times a week. I tried not to be obsessive and weigh myself every day but I felt like weighing myself once a week was not enough.
  • I ate a variety of foods. If I splurged one day I would cut back the next. I cut myself some slack on weekends but I made up for it during the week.
  • I starting eating a healthy diet. No more fast food and I rarely drank soda. I started cooking more and I started eating a bigger lunch and a smaller dinner.

That is how I lost 25 pounds but how did I keep it off? Well, by doing the same thing! I may not write down everything I eat or drink or record every step I take. But I do keep track even if I just make a mental note of what I am eating and how much I am exercising.

I still don’t skip meals, I weigh myself regularly and I try to eat healthy. When I eat something that is less than healthy it is because I made a decision to do so and know that I need to make up for it tomorrow.

I no longer find myself stuffing food in my mouth to overcome some emotional trauma or as a reward for doing something well and most importantly………..when I am full I push away from the table.

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