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Weight Watchers Walking Clinic

Weight Watchers Walking Clinic

Weight Watchers Walking Clinic

Weight Watchers Walking Clinic

Good News! Weight Watchers has started a walking clinic. Information on the clinic first appeared in the January/February 2008 issue of the magazine and focuses on your first 8 week plan. The March/April 2008 magazine continues with a plan for the next 8 weeks.

The Weight Watchers Clinic is divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced making it helpful for all walkers. Each level of the Weight Watchers Walking Clinic has a focus: beginners focus on form, intermediate focuses on strength and advanced focuses on time management.

The beginner clinic gives tips such as: hold your head high, breathe, stop swinging your arms, walk in a fluid motion and warm up and cool down. The program offers different tips for the different levels.

You can find out more about the Weight Watchers Walking Clinic on the Weight Watchers website.

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  1. Betty Penn 13 years ago

    I love Weight Watchers and use them every now and then, I think it’s awesome that they started a walking clinic!
    I also walk and started using these special sneaker call ‘Muscle Trainers’ that help me to burn more calories as I walk, they seem to be working well for me. They contain a special weight within the sole of the sneaker that helps burn calories faster. I found them at:
    Hope this helps someone!

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