Fly the Coop Walking Statistics Infographic

Fly the Coop Walking Statistics Infographic

Fly the Coop Walking Statistics Infographic

It can be hard to leave the comfort of your nest and go for a walk.  Sometimes we need a little push . . . by seeing the sobering numbers.

Walking Statistics Infographic

Discover Walking put together this infographic to motivate you to leave the nest and walk.

American sits and “nest” too much.

Like many Americans . . . occasionally I hit periods where my activity level is not as high as it should be.  My day normally starts with a 3 mile walk at a fast aerobic walk.  Lately I started slacking off – it has been an unusually rainy summer in Atlanta and as usual it is hot . . . maybe not as hot as it normally is, but hot nevertheless.

If you are like me, it is easy to make excuses for not getting up and going for a walk to start your day.

Recent studies show that sitting all day shortens your life.

The fear of a shortened life got me up and moving.  It was the emotional push I needed.

When I finally started moving again I found out that 3 miles is roughly 6,000 steps which puts me in the low active category which is okay but not good enough so I have stepped it up.

I may be walking more than most American women but I want to be like one of those French women who can eat cheese and bread and drink wine without getting fat.

How do they do it?

We can’t discount the fact that they eat smaller portions but they also walk everywhere.  Given the choice between walking and a car or public transportation . . .  they walk.

Go to Europe and you will see people walking everywhere in all sorts of weather.  Rather than making excuses, they buy colorful umbrellas, bright raincoats and trendy rain hats and start moving.  No excuses for them.

Pretend that you don’t have any option but to walk.

In big cities  destination walking is not always possible, since Interstate hiking is not possible.

But what if you didn’t have a car – you could find more opportunities to walk.  Like walking to a neighborhood bookclub or  walking to the grocery store if you are buying a couple of things. The fewer things you buy each trip . . . you will have another great excuse  to make another trip.

Walk to your neighborhood coffee shop.  As long as you stick to low calorie options you can reward yourself for walking there and back.

We need to constantly be reminded of the benefits of walking:

  • Lowers hypertension risk 7.2%
  • Lowers high cholesterol risk 7%
  • Lowers diabetes risk 12.3%
  • Lowers coronary heart disease risk 9.3%

So…………..stop your squawking and start walking!

Post this infographic on your wall to remind you to walk.

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