Walking With An Umbrella

Walking With An Umbrella

Walking With An Umbrella

Dog With Umbrella

We have had an unusual amount of rain in Atlanta this winter. 

In fact we have gone from drought conditions to having flash flood warnings in a matter of weeks if not days. 

A couple of days ago I got up early to try to beat yet another storm that was heading our way. 

Thanks to all the weather phone apps we now know to the hour when the rain will come which makes it much easier to plan walks.  Bleary eyed and cold . . . Jaycee and I headed out the front door. 

We got about halfway through when the rain came hard and heavy. 

Even in my raincoat I was wet and miserable. 

As I neared my house I saw my neighbor under his big, golf umbrella getting his paper.  He took one look at Jaycee and said to me “you should have brought an umbrella, Jaycee is getting wet”! 

I had to laugh to myself and thought “since when did my dog’s comfort become more important than mine.”

But it did get me thinking about umbrellas.  I happen to love umbrellas; in fact I often hope it rains just so I can bring out my fringe rimmed umbrella. 

Gone are the days when our only choice was a black or blue umbrella.  When I was in New York City a few years ago, there happened to be an umbrella store next to my hotel. 

It was raining so I thought I would venture in and have a look around.  I was thinking, what luck, rather than having to buy a $5 disposable umbrella from a street vendor I will be able to get a pretty parasol . . .  something to brighten up a grey day. 

I entered the store full of hope.  I looked around and meekly left after realizing there wasn’t an umbrella that sold for less than $150!

You don’t have to spend that much for a pretty umbrella. 

I was watching fans line up for tickets to see Justin Bieber on Saturday Night Live the other day.  It was snowing like crazy and everyone had bright and cheery umbrellas. 

So ditch your old black umbrella and get a new, bright flower umbrella that will cheer you up on gloomy days. 

Bright Umbrella
Click here to see a bright flower
umbrella for gloomy days


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  1. 2735Street 9 years ago

    I think I have been in that same hotel in NYC!! I love pretty umbrellas, I am glad they have started making bright umbrellas. After all who needs a black umbrella on a gloomy day.

  2. Wilson 9 years ago

    I wish they would make umbrellas for dogs, my dog hates to get wet. It is a real pain trying to get her to go out on a rainy day. A dog umbrella would be perfect.

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