Walking Vacation in Sicily – A Walker’s Paradise

Walking Vacation in Sicily – A Walker’s Paradise

Walking Vacation in Sicily – A Walker’s Paradise

walking-sicily-italy.jpgThe colors are the first thing you notice when you start your walking vacation in Sicily, Italy. The sea is a surreal mix of blues and greens. Staring from your perch on a rocky slope down into the sea you can see the sandy bottom as clearly as you can see the black lanes in a pool when you are swimming laps. The black, white and grayish rocks that stick out of the sea or rise up out of sandy beaches will send even the least scientific among us to the nearest geology book.

Walkers in Sicily, Italy will be startled to see green cactus perched on hills with the blue-green waters of the Mediterranean in the background. Yellow grasses sway in the gentle sea breezes against the bright colors of the sea and the vivid green of the rolling hills.

As you walk along one of the many nature trails or working paths that cover the island of Sicily notice the different types of plants and birds you encounter and how different or similar they are to those you see closer to your home.

The Zingaro Nature Preserve in the province of Trapani offers walkers the opportunity to see plants and birds that are native to Sicily. Not as well known as the trails of the Cinque Terre, Zingaro is worth a visit. As with most trails in Italy, they are narrow with many up’s and down’s and have few guard rails.

Sicily has many beautiful walking spots. And if you can walk there, you can also eat there, so pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the view – remember to pack your trash and carry it with you to the nearest trash can.

A walking vacation in Sicily should include sunscreen and plenty of water. I visited Sicily in May and it was hot. I live in Atlanta so I was not uncomfortable, but I did work up a respectable sweat. Many of my travel companions from cooler climates found it uncomfortably warm. It is not uncommon for temperatures to be well into the 90’s in the late spring and early summer.

If you are planning a walking vacation to southern Italy add a few days and take the train and ferry to Sicily. Then lace up your walking shoes and recharge the batteries in your camera. Even the least talented photographers among us will be surprised by how beautiful their pictures are.

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