Walking on a Track

Walking on a Track

Walking on a Track
Walking on a Track

Walking on a Track

Walking on a track may not be exciting but it is convenient and it is a good way for you to determine how fast you are walking and how far. Before you head out to the nearest track, whether it is at a local school or in a public park beware of “track etiquette”.

Most people using a track are runners and often are very serious about their sport. It is worth taking the time to learn a few rules or risk being run down or getting a verbal lashing for an unintentional breach of etiquette.

  1. Take a few minutes and look at the track before you start walking. Notice which lane the fast runners are using. Usually the speedsters run on the inside track, but the rules vary from place to place. The inside lane is lane #1.
  2. While you are spending a few minutes observing, look at which direction the majority of people are running or walking in. Most people should be moving around the track in a counter clockwise direction and you should do the same. Occasionally runners will run in the opposite direction which is clockwise. It is their responsibility to yield.
  3.  Always look both ways before you step on a track.
  4. Faster walkers and runners should pass to the left.
  5. When someone yells “track” it means they want to pass, so move out of their way. Generally, you will move to your right.
  6. Never stop in the middle of the track. If you are walking you will be in the outer lanes so when you want to stop or take a break, step off the track.
  7. Check over your shoulder for runners before you change lanes.

Walking on a track is a good way to work on your pace and distance so it is worth doing every once in a while. Just like I get bored with swimming laps in a pool, I get bored walking laps around a track so I only do it a few times a year. The rest of the time I try to walk where I can enjoy the scenery and the company of a friend or two.

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