Walking in a North Carolina Cemetery

Walking in a North Carolina Cemetery

Walking in a North Carolina Cemetery
Wilmington North Carolina Cemetery

Wilmington North Carolina Cemetery

My sister lives in Wilmington, North Carolina about 5 miles from the beach.  Most of the time when I visit I spend my time walking on the beach.  Wouldn’t you?  Many of us consider beach walking to be one of the greatest joys in life.

Unfortunately, there are times when walking on the beach is not possible. 

On my most recent visit I actually had responsibilities and could not zip out to the beach every day so I had to spend my time walking around their neighborhood.

They live a few hundred yards from the cemetery where my parents are buried so I decided to take a walk over there to look at their grave sites.

When I reached the front gate I noticed there were a lot of people walking around the cemetery.  Turns out – the cemetery is a popular place for people to walk.

Everyone stayed on the cemetery paths and was respectful of those visiting grave sites.

There is a pond with swans and ducks nearby.  The cemetery is home to several large, live oaks with Spanish moss hanging from the limbs which added just the right amount of atmosphere.  Flowers both fake and real are everywhere adding spots of color that stand in contrast to the eeriness of the live oaks.

It is interesting to stop every now and then to look at the gravestones and imagine the lives people had lived.  I walked several times around the cemetery which is about 2 miles.  It is always surprising to me how quickly the miles add up.

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  1. Solo 10 years ago

    We walk through the cemetery near my mom’s house all the time. Since we are all trying to lose weight by walking more, we often go there after Sunday supper and take a walk around. It is actually very pretty and naturally quite peaceful.

  2. Georgia 10 years ago

    That is a beautiful picture of a live oak tree. It really gives a sense of what the cemetaries in the south feel like. I bet it would be spooky to walk through that cemetary at night!

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