Walking in Snow Safety Tips!

Walking in Snow Safety Tips!

Walking in Snow Safety Tips!

Tips For Walking in Snow

The great blizzard of 2013 has hit the northeast.  Cars and trucks are stuck everywhere.  It is easier and safer to walk than to drive.  Keep the following safety tips in mind as you get out and enjoy the fresh snow.

Take your time: 

Now is not the time to be in a hurry.  Plan ahead and take extra time to get places.  Many accidents occur because you are in hurry or not paying attention.

Clean your shoes: 

Make sure your shoes are free of snow and ice when you enter a building and start walking on the floor.  Most buildings have a mat where you can stand and clean your shoes.  If they don’t find somewhere to complain.

Handrails aren’t just for the old: 

Floors and stairways are wet from people tracking in snow.  Use a handrail to keep from slipping.

Consider your shoes: 

Wear shoes that have adequate traction.  If you want to make a fashion statement tie a bow on your boots.

Watch what you wear: 

Wear visible clothing.  People driving are paying so much attention to what they are doing that they often ignore pedestrians.

Make sure they stop: 

Wait for vehicles to stop completely before you cross a street.  Especially on hills, cars will go through red lights as they are afraid they will not be able to start up again once they stop.

If you fall and hit your head go to a doctor or clinic to make sure you don’t have a concussion.  Better safe than sorry.

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  1. Paula 9 years ago

    Your quote and picture are beautiful

  2. romcom1984 9 years ago

    I love the picture and the saying. We have had so much snow this year that I feel like I could ski to work. It has been a miserable winter, walking has been treacherous.

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