define('WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', 'minor'); Walking in Atlanta Pollen

Walking in Atlanta Pollen

Walking in Atlanta Pollen

Walking in Atlanta Pollen
Front Porch Atlanta Pollen

Front Porch Atlanta Pollen

When someone refers to streets paved with “gold” you generally think gold bullion.  Here in Atlanta we think pollen. 

Everything is covered in a thick coating of gold pollen.  If you sit down outside you have to wipe the pollen off your bottom before you go inside.  Set a glass of tea down outside and you will find a yellow ring around the rim of your glass and pollen floating in your drink. 

Although it may look like we cover our outside porches with yellow carpets it is just another example of the pollen that is everywhere.  With every breath you take you are inhaling pollen, you can almost feel it coating your lungs.

This week Atlanta set a record with pollen counts over 9,000. 

A record was set on Monday with pollen counts over 8,000.  On Tuesday the pollen count was up over 9,300.  According the Atlanta Allergy Clinic  pollen counts are highest in the morning so if you have to exercise outside it is better to do it later in the day. 

While high pollen counts make most of us sneeze and cough and causes our eyes to water, pollen can be a serious health hazard for those with asthma and other respiratory illnesses. 

When the pollen counts are this high,  I opt for 3 short walks every day and generally shower after my first walk in the morning and again before I go to bed.  I throw my walking shorts, t-shirts and socks in the laundry basket downstairs rather than keeping them in the upstairs hamper.  In other words I try to keep my bedroom pollen free.

If you don’t have access to a stationary bike or a treadmill now is the time to start climbing stairs or taking your walks at the mall.

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  1. Greg 9 years ago

    Ha, Ha, Ha – love the video! The pollen is killing me this year. Hopefully it will be over soon.

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