Walking Gets a Boost From Honda Motor Co.

Walking Gets a Boost From Honda Motor Co.

Walking Gets a Boost From Honda Motor Co.

walking assistance device

As reported on the  Tech On website, Honda Motor Co Ltd has developed a prototype “walking assistance” device, which helps the elderly and other individuals that have difficulty walking. They will present the device at “Barrier Free 2008”.

The device is designed to help people with weakened leg muscles that may be a result of aging or other reasons but are still capable of walking on their own. Although the device is a long way from going into production, it is good news for many people who may have problems walking.

The device is designed to be worn with a belt, the device weighs only about 2.8kg (a little over 6 pounds). The device comes in three sizes – small, medium and large. The medium size weighs 2.8kg. The operating time per charge is 2 hours (when operated at 4.5km/h walking which is just under 3 miles per hour).

Honda is planning to offer interested attendees an opportunity to “wear” the device at the event so that they can experience its effectiveness.

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