Walking for a Cause – Susan G Komen

Walking for a Cause – Susan G Komen

Walking for a Cause – Susan G Komen

Susan Komen 3 Day WalkThis article was written by Callie Leaver, a Certified Personal Trainer in Atlanta, Georgia.

Okay I’ll be honest; walking as a form of exercise just isn’t my thing. I am a jogger/runner and have been for many years. But in 2001, along with other friends, I signed up for the Avon 3 Day Walk, which is now known as the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk. The walk was 20 miles a day for three days straight. We decided to participate in the walk after several close friends were diagnosed with breast cancer.

The training was very different from my running regimen. Often I found myself dreading those long walk training days. Throughout I kept in mind the true reason I was walking and how much my participation and fund raising meant to my friends and others impacted by the disease. I often recalled meeting with my friends after their scheduled treatment and how ill they felt. Somehow, they managed to smile. These memories kept me in check and kept me walking.

Finally, training was over and it was event day. As we walked with thousands of men and women, I found myself amazed about one particular aspect – the varying levels of fitness of the participants. There were men and women participating that obviously had very active lifestyles.

There were young, middle aged and beyond middle aged men and women. There were those who were actively being treated for breast cancer. There were those who lost a limb as a result of cancer. Seeing the persistence in these individuals made my effort and training all the more worthwhile.

Maybe you just can’t get started with the walking program you swear you will start every New Year. Then consider signing up for an event that supports a cause. There are plenty out there. It doesn’t have to be a 20 mile walk. Simply find something that means a lot to you. Sign up and start walking now. You won’t regret it!

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  1. Stanley Lee 10 years ago

    That would be the walk for a cause, hope your friends with this dreadful disease will be healed with cancer, miracles and faith will really find ways.

    Stanley Lee from abri de jardin en bois 

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