Walk With Walgreens Celebrity Apprentice Sweepstakes

Walk With Walgreens Celebrity Apprentice Sweepstakes

Walk With Walgreens Celebrity Apprentice Sweepstakes
Walk With Walgreens Sweepstakes

Walk With Walgreens Sweepstakes

Walgreens and Allison Sweeney teamed up with Celebrity Apprentice to promote their Walk with Walgreens program.  Register and log your walks for a chance to win a trip for two to New York City  for the season finale of the show.  Your chances of winning are much higher then the Lotto since the numbers of entries are smaller.

Everyone who registers is a winner 

You get a free drawstring atheletic bag and pedometer just for signing up.  If you participate and log your miles, you receive coupon rewards.  

The free pedometer is very basic but is perfect to see if you like counting steps.  Walgreens really has tried to give you everything you need to start a walking program.  Make sure you call your local Walgreens first to make sure they have the free kits.

Allison Sweeney who appears to be in great shape shares health tips on the Walgreens website to  motivate you.  Walgreens even hosts communities of walkers to encourage each other.

Celebrity Apprentice  is an education in teamwork and marketing  

My hat is off to these celebrities on the show.  There is no way I could complete the assigned tasks as quickly as they do.    By watching this series, you see behind the scenes studio productions, video editing,  marketing decisions, green screen techniques, hiring talent, set design,  camera staging and lighting.

Celebrities are given tasks each week such as selling the most products, hosting events, producing viral videos or developing marketing materials.  There is always the famous Donald Trump “You’re Fired” segment at the end of each show.  

For the Walgreens promotion, the teams had to design  a box to house the free Walk With Walgreens giveaway plus give an interactive presentation  

Arsenio Hall lead his team to victory.  Aubry O’Day had great ideas but upset her team by taking control and wanting a lions share of the glory.  A confrontation in the boardroom added to the drama.  Aubrey left the team and headed for the elevator exit. 

Clay Aiken was on the winning team and is proving to be a formidable contestant on Celebrity Apprentice . Hopefully he makes it to the finals and produces a song for charity like John Rich did last season.

So watch Celebrity Apprentice, Walk With Walgreens and enter to win the sweepstakes.

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  1. Elena Anne 10 years ago

    Awesome! If you are going to enter for a contest enter for one when you will always win. I think the bag and pedometer are great, but if you are walking that’s even better.

  2. Author
    BJ 10 years ago

    Yes . . . I like assured winnings, too. They are the best.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Lynn Brown 10 years ago

    I wish I could have participated. I own and operate a gym and a part of my business is providing my clients with information on events like this one that is for a good cause. One thing I stress is the importance of community service. It helps your mood when you are going well for others which in turn gives you the desire to stay fit. I have a fitness membership program that helps to keep me organized so I may offer my clients an overall fitness experience.

  4. Georgia Girl 10 years ago

    As much as I hate Celebrity Apprentice I have to say the Walgreens program sounds great. And I have to say you are right nothing is better than free!

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