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Walk To Picnic Spots

Walk To Picnic Spots

Walk To Picnic Spots

walking picnic familyOne of the best ways to spend a Saturday is to plan a family picnic. Prepare a gourmet picnic basket with your family favorites.  A simple meal of sparkling apple cider, bottles of water, fresh fruit, yogurt, cheese, slices of deli meats and french bread will be hits on your family adventure.

Don’t have time to prepare food for your crowd?   Nothing should stand in the way of your family fun.  Pick up a convenient meal from a close by deli, grocery store, sandwich shop or even drive through fast food.  A quick stop and you are on your way.

Even fast food is fun to eat at a scenic park, by a lake or after hiking a trail.  Park your car and walk to the best spot to put down a blanket, relax and enjoy your meal.

Usually great places to picnic make wonderful places to walk and explore.  After eating, take your family for a stroll.

Picnics combine walking, eating, exercising and basking in the sun.  What could be a better way to spend an afternoon?

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