Walk Grand Central Station in New York City

Walk Grand Central Station in New York City

Walk Grand Central Station in New York City

Walk Grand Central Station New York

New York City is a city of walkers so you do not have to look for opportunities to walk when you are there. When I visit the city I walk an average of 3 to 5 miles per day. I know this because I take my pedometer with me and wear it at least one day of my trip. I need to walk that much since many of my trips around New York involve stopping for a slice of pizza.

I was in New York City last weekend and it was too cold for a girl from the south to spend much time walking around. I thought about what I could do for exercise that was free. I used to live in New York City and commuted through Grand Central twice a day so I was familiar with the terminal. I read that Grand Central had recently been renovated and I was curious to see it. So, I put on my walking shoes and headed on over.

Grand Central Station is large enough that you can rack up some steps walking around it, just avoid rush hour when you will be bumping into commuters rushing to get their trains. The terminal area is large and dominated by the four sided clock you have surely seen in movies. Look at the ceiling and you will see stars. The dark blue ceiling is a painting of the Mediterranean sky with 2,500 stars lit by fiber optics.

Grand Central station has restaurants, bars and shops including a very large food market where you can buy any number of snacks both healthy and unhealthy to fuel you on your walk.

Just because you are on vacation or a business trip that is no reason to stop exercising. You can always find opportunities to get a few steps in.

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  1. Myra 10 years ago

    Hi Every body,

    New York City is a city of walkers was once said and its true just take the example of Grand Central Station which is large enough to get something or move around you have walk few miles every time.

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