Walk After Shopping at Gramma B’s – Sandy Springs

Walk After Shopping at Gramma B’s – Sandy Springs

Walk After Shopping at Gramma B’s – Sandy Springs
Flower Shopping in Winter

Flower Shopping in Winter at Gramma B’s

In Atlanta, our weather is rotating between days of freezing cold, rain and sunny spring like warmth.

Our daffodils are totally confused.  They are springing up in the winter.

Flowers For Spring

Gramma B’s – Flowers For Spring

Seeing the promise of spring, it is the perfect time to check out nurseries to join the daffodils in bringing spring color to your home or office.

Even though I am a huge fan of destination walking, there are times when you can’t walk to your favorite specialty stores. Many quaint stores are not in malls or near places to walk.

My walking buddy introduced me to her favorite plant store Gramma B’s in Sandy Springs, Georgia which is several miles from our house.  Definitely not walking distance for us.

Gramma B’s is a quaint shop with a beautiful selection of specialty plants and home accessories. I immediately saw the appeal. 

If you are a gardener who lives in Atlanta, Gramma B’s is definitely a store you want to visit. 

The plants and flowers are nursery quality and they do custom arrangements.  The owners love their plants and are a great resource for advice.

Gramma B's Plants

Gramma B’s in Sandy Springs  – Flowers and Containers

The store inspired me to add some grow lights in corners of my house.  As you can see, grow lights add a warm glow to their shop.  Plus the grow lights help them keep their plants and flowers in pristine condition.

If you are in the area, go visit.  You won’t be disappointed.

Gramma B's Plants

Gramma B’s Plants

After visiting Gramma B’s, my walking buddy and I drove to a small lake near our house.

Enjoying the spring-like weather, we did several laps to get our steps in for the day.

When you can’t destination walk, shopping then walking is the next best thing.

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