Vie Black Merrell Performance Footwear

Vie Black Merrell Performance Footwear

Vie Black Merrell Performance Footwear

Is it a hiking boot or a walking Shoe? The Vie Black Merrell Performance Footwear is an excellent women’s shoe that is a cross between a hiking boot and a walking shoe.

This is an excellent shoe when you are not sure when you may find a long walk turning in to a hike. I have worn these shoes on the hiking trails in the Cinque Terre in Italy and dining at Tres Scalini in the Piazza Navona in Rome. My family is from Brittany in France which has a landscape much like you find in Maine and Maritime Canada. When I visited them my Merrill’s were a life saver. I could go from touring Mont St. Michele to walking the rocky coast of Normandy and Brittany.

Should you buy these shoes?  You decide.


  • This is the perfect shoe for a day that may include some walking and some light hiking
  • Lightweight
  • It comes in black!!!
  • A great shoe to take when you are traveling and will do both walking and hiking.  Because, it comes in black it is not as casual as a sneaker.
  • It is a lace up shoe and provides good ankle support
  • Excellent arch support
  • There is good tread on the bottom so it can be worn on an uneven terrain and in a muddy environment
  • You can spray them with water proofing making them a good shoe to wear in a light rain.
  • They do not set off the metal detectors at the airport


  • This shoe is not sturdy enough for heavy hiking.  It should not be worn in the back woods or in a very rough terrain
  • I would not trust this shoe in a very wet environment – no walking in puddles or no wading across creeks.
  • Not as flexible as a tennis shoe.  I do not like to drive long distances in this shoe because the bottom is not very flexible and you cannot feel the pedals.
  • They take up a lot of space in your suitcase so if you take them when you are traveling wear them on the plane!  Because they are a lace up shoe you can tie them to the handle of your suitcase when you are touring.
  • Merrell offers so many products that it can be difficult to find a specific style of shoe
  • They run small so if you are on the cusp between two sizes go for the larger size.  Also, remember you will always wear socks with these shoes so you will want to make sure the shoe is large enough to accommodate your socks.

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