Top 3 Walking Gifts From Discover Walking

Top 3 Walking Gifts From Discover Walking

Top 3 Walking Gifts From Discover Walking
walking gifts for walkers

Top Walking Gifts

Walking gifts are perfect for the walker in your family, office or circle of friends. We all struggle with what to buy someone that will be used and appreciated rather than stuffed into a closet.

I looked at the list of items people have purchased through Discover Walking over the last year. Three products have proven to be most popular and all three make perfect gifts.

The biggest seller has been the Omron HJ112 Premium Pedometer
This is no surprise, it is a great product, walkers love them and they sell for less than $20. You will either be surprise by how much you actually walk in a day or by how little ground you cover. A friend of mine who works in retail wears one so they can keep track of how many miles they walk around the store in a day.

The second item is the Omron HEM-780 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor. Again, this is not a surprise given that most of us walk for the health benefits and blood pressure plays a big part in our overall health.

The third item is the CD Walking with Doctor Andrew Weil and author Mark Fenton. This makes the perfect gift for anyone who needs that little bit of extra motivation to get out the door and get moving.

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  1. Jean 10 years ago

    Nice, I guess its good to know about your daily steps.
    I have an apps in my android and I guess it works well,
    but its not going to work without wifi. LOL


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