Teva Sandals – Shoe Review

Teva Sandals – Shoe Review

Teva Sandals – Shoe Review

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Teva sandals shoes are recommended whether you will be walking in the city or spending the day on a boat.  I wore my Tevas all over the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador.

I spent the week on a boat where we took an inflatable boat to the islands.  My Tevas were great on the boat and hiking the islands!  And they did not take up much space in my suitcase!

Teva Sandles’ Pros:

  • Teva sandals are good in hot weather so your feet catch the summer breezes
  • The newer Teva styles have some arch support  for added comfort
  • Completely waterproof so you can even wear them in the water to protect your feet while launching your boat
  • You can now get different styles – the traditional multi-colored cloth, black and a faux suede look great with shorts
  • Teva shoes do not weigh much. Many adventure trips have weight limits on suitcases and these shoes add very little weight
  • Teva sandles are excellent if you will be walking on large rocks like you find in Maine and Nova Scotia
  • Very durable
Teva Sandles’ Cons:
  • Open toes! A stone or sand caught in your Teva shoes can cause a great deal of discomfort
  • Tevas provide very limited ankle support for rugged terrain
  • You cannot wear Tevas in the cold unless you are a sandal and socks person
  • Not particularly fashionable though I have worn them with a long skirt when I was traveling

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  1. sandals shoes 13 years ago

    I like Teva sandals. I can wear it for my outdoor activity

  2. gk 13 years ago

    LOVE them! Wear them all the time, anywhere! BUT: they make my feet smell bad and I have to wash THEM (too) for the odor…every time. Any ideas?????? P.S.: no, no other of my shoes shoes do this.

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