Teva Sandals Review – Pretty Rugged Leather

Teva Sandals Review – Pretty Rugged Leather

Teva Sandals Review – Pretty Rugged Leather
Teva Women's Pretty Rugged Leather 3 Sandal

Teva Women’s Pretty Rugged Leather 3 Sandal – Black & Brown

Finally, Teva sandals you can wear with both hiking shorts and out to dinner. These Teva sandals have the traditional straps you find on Teva’s but the straps look like leather (I have no idea if they are actually made of leather or not). Because they look like leather these Teva’s can be dressed up or dressed down.

Like most Teva’s, the Teva Pretty Rugged Leather Sandals are waterproof, so there is no need to worry about getting them wet whether you are walking in the rain or hiking through puddles.

These sandals are perfect if you are trying to pack light for your next walking vacation because you can wear them all day and out for a night on the town. Not only that, your feet will feel so good after wearing them all day you will have enough energy left for a night on the dance floor.

The soles are made of rubber and have little bumps on them. Though I have not tried them out on slippery surfaces, I think they will provide enough traction to keep you from slipping on muddy hiking trails or on cobblestone roads.

The top soles are comfortably cushy and are made of moisture-wicking material that keeps your feet feeling dry. Anti-bacterial zinc keeps these Teva’s from smelling like dirty feet so you can stick them back in your suitcase without having them make everything you are traveling with smell like your feet. Just to be on the safe side I still wrap them in a plastic bag.

I wore my old Teva’s on a walking vacation to Sicily last year and I would like to say they did not smell all that good. In fact, I almost left them in Palermo becuase they had a very funky odor after 2 weeks of daily wear in all kinds of weather.

I don’t know if it is just because mine are new, but it feels like these Teva’s have more arch support than my old pair.

I highly recommend these Teva’s. I have always been a fan of the comfort and durability that Teva’s provide, but I have never been a fan of the style. While you won’t see these on the runways in Milan any time soon, they are stylish enough to be worn to a restaurant in the Piazza Navona without your having to hide your feet.

Pick up a pair of for your next walking vacation. For more information click on the link below.

Product Features

  • Material: Waterproof leather
  • Sole: River Rubber
  • Shock Pad in heel
  • Adjustability: Four-point adjustable connectivity
  • Recommended Use: River rafting, light hiking, beach walking, exercising in water, casual

Teva Women's Pretty Rugged Leather 3 Sandal

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