Taking A Weather Break

Taking A Weather Break

Taking A Weather Break
Rainy Days With Dog

Is That A Scary Raindrop?

The sun will come out again……..but not today. 

Jaycee and I walk in all kinds of weather – fog, rain, snow, you name it. 

Jaycee hates and I mean hates to get her feet wet so once the puddles start to build it is just not worth it.  She will jump over puddles large and small almost pulling my arm out of its socket. 

And as much as she likes the thrill of sliding on the ice and wallowing in deep snow . . . . rain is a different matter.  Rain days are not much fun for me because of her water phobia.

So there are times when you have to say “not today” and grab a good book to read or sit back and watch a favorite movie. 

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