Underneath Layers of Fat Lies the Muscles of a Sumo Wrestler With Steel Bow Bullworker

Underneath Layers of Fat Lies the Muscles of a Sumo Wrestler With Steel Bow Bullworker

Underneath Layers of Fat Lies the Muscles of a Sumo Wrestler With Steel Bow Bullworker
Isometric Exercises Bring Muscle Tone Results

Swatch Ad Sumo Ballerina Wrestlers Depict Our Quick Isometeric Steel Bow Bullworker Workout Results

Our friends won’t believe us but after 1 week of doing isometric exercises, Joe and I are seriously toned.  Like Superman’s flimsy disguise as Clark Kent, our fitness disguise is layers of fat.  However, don’t be fooled  . . . we can now proudly flex our muscles and say “which way is the beach?” with The Arnold.

Here is the story of our unexpected 1 week journey to turbo isometric muscle tone

Joe’s relative wanted a Steel-Bow Bullworker for Christmas.  His relative is the polar opposite of Joe.  He eats healthy and every day works out doing isometrics, push ups and sit ups. The guy is a lean muscular machine. 

Sounding like Ralphie who wanted a Red Ryder BB Gun in “A Christmas Story,” this relative affectionately talked about his Bullworker Classic and how wonderful life would be with a new Bullworker Steel Bow. It seemed like the perfect present so we bought the gift for him knowing he would put it to good use. 

After our huge Christmas meal, we were eating bon bons and watching his relative’s 30 minute sit down Bullworker DVD isometric training program.  We decided sitting down met our criteria of simple and easy exercise so we ordered our own Bullworker 

As a kid, I did a few isometrics on occasion.  Since 10 seconds of isometrics one time every few years produced no major improvement in my physique, I never was a serious fan even though I knew Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Charles Atlas did isometrics with amazing results. Figured it must take hours in the gym which didn’t fit my confirmed sedentary lifestyle and besides that I didn’t want their muscles.

Upon arrival of our Bullworker, Joe and I did our first 30 minute sit down isometric workout.  Didn’t think much about it since it was so easy. 

The next day, we noticed more muscle tone in our arms.  Like the Green Hulk, every day our muscle tone improved.  We were laughing and comparing who had the best muscles.

On day 5, we were at a friend’s house.   Joe is always the entertainer.  He was dancing around, flexing and saying under his baggy clothes lay the perfect physique of Adonis.

Joe dances like Jackie Gleason so here is the visual:


Since our exterior physique hasn’t met our interior muscle tone yet, our friends politely tried to hide skeptical snickers.  However, they were awed and amazed when they touched Joe’s flexed arms. 

Now we are reading articles and watching YouTube videos on isometric exercises to understand our transformation 

You don’t need a Steel-Bow Bullworker to do isometric exercises.  There are many free exercises using just steering wheels, palms of your hand, walls, towels, etc.  Even the 10 second workouts that I remember from my childhood done regularly will impact your muscle tone .

If you don’t have the funds for a Bullworker, give free YouTube videos a try.  There is a science to these fast isometric exercise results.

The Bullworker is easy and low stress on joints and the sit down program gets a big thumbs up review from us.

It has even helped our 10,000 step walking goal.  With muscle tone, small inclines don’t seem like mountains anymore.

Body builders probably won’t have our results because they are already toned.  If sedentary couch potatoes do the 30 minute sit down isometric Bullworker program for a week, they will be amazed. 

One day soon our exterior will have a coming out party for our interior muscle tone.  In the meantime, we have the perfect unassuming disguise so no one suspects our inner Adonis. 


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  1. Ziggy 10 years ago

    Grade A stuff. I’m unquestionably in your debt.

  2. Fred 10 years ago

    Jackie Gleason was so graceful.

    Will have to check out the steel bow bullworker

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