Star Walk iPad & iPhone App For Midnight 10K Walks

Star Walk iPad & iPhone App For Midnight 10K Walks

Star Walk iPad & iPhone App For Midnight 10K Walks
Star Walk iPhone & iPad App Review

Star Walk iPhone & iPad App Review

Acheiving your 10,000 step goal for the day gets a jump start when you walk a few thousand steps at midnight. 

Midnight is your bonus time when your pedometer resets and you start anew.  For those who are night owls, midnight walks with your Star Walk  iPad or iPhone app can be magical.  For newbie astronomers, this app is better then reading an astronomy book or looking through a telescope. 

We love to walk to an open area without trees and point our iPad at the sky.  Star Walk  iPad app geolocates you in time and space so what you see on the screen is what you are seeing in the sky. 

As you walk, the app adjusts the sky on your iPad for your location.  It is like having an astronomer be your personal guide to learn about the stars, constellations, solar system and planets. 

For those of you with children, I have never seen a child not enjoy the app.  It is the perfect learning tool to get your kids star gazing.

Like a Jules Verne time traveler, you can reverse time with this app so you can discover what the sky looked like in even Bible times.  If you missed a solar event, relive it via your iPad or iPhone.

You can see what the skies look like in other cities throughout the world while sharing the scene with friends and family in distant areas of the world. 

You will always have clear skies on your iPhone or iPad to watch meteor showers.

My niece and nephew turned us onto the app.  It won the 2010 Apple Design Award for  good reason.    Star Walk app was my first paid app.  The app was worth every penny and the program only gets better as they continue to improve the experience.

On Twitter, other star gazers often give you helpful pointers.  Use hashtag #starwalk

If you have a composite or component cable for your TV, you can be a couch potato and sit at home while exploring the sky on your iPad with the Star Walk app

However, it is much more fun to take a moonlit winter walk and explore the heavens.  Plus the midnight step bonus gets you well on the way to achieving your 10,000 step goal for the day. 


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  1. Fred 10 years ago

    The Star Walk App is one of my favorite apps, too

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