Silver Sneakers Benefit: Free Gym Membership

Silver Sneakers Benefit: Free Gym Membership

Silver Sneakers Benefit: Free Gym Membership

cardio cinema room treadmill.jpgOur friend, John, exercises for free in a gym with cardio cinema room complete with surround sound, theatre quality video and the latest equipment. John is always sharing his latest reviews of movies since he works out to the length of whatever movie is playing. 

John’s Medicare supplement health insurance plan has a Silver Sneakers program which gives him free health club memberships at over 9,000 locations. John has  taken full advantage of his free membership and works out almost every day. 

Why would an insurance company offer free health club membership for seniors?

Because physically active seniors lower their risk for coronary heart disease.  In the long run, insurance companies reduce their costs by encouraging seniors to become active.  They want senior citizens like John to stay healthy.

If your health insurance has Silver Sneakers and you are a senior citizen, you could be exercising in style.

As John goes for the second helping of cheesecake, he flaunts that he never gains weight and has lost over 30 lbs since he joined his gym. He has a great support  system which we would have to pay big bucks to receive.  We are jealous.

We aren’t old enough yet to qualify but John makes you look forward to his benefits. He is the best advocate for the program.  When my husband and I are eligible,  we will for sure sign on the dotted line for a free membership if our Medicare supplemental health insurance plan offers Silver Sneakers.

If you are a senior citizen, check with your health care insurance provider to see if they offer free Silver Sneakers’ memberships to gyms.

From what we learned from John’s experience, Silver Sneakers spared no expense and gave John free membership to one of the best gyms in his area.  Why use your treadmill at home alone when gym membership is free? 

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  1. Shorty 11 years ago

    A really good answer, full of rationality!

  2. Rob 11 years ago

    Will have to check out my insurance to see if I am eligible.

    • Sparky 11 years ago

      One or two to remember, that is.

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