Big Bang Theory – Sheldon and Penny Prepare to Run

Big Bang Theory – Sheldon and Penny Prepare to Run

Big Bang Theory – Sheldon and Penny Prepare to Run
Sheldon and Penny Exercise

Sheldon and Penny Preparing to Run

Big Bang Theory is the best prime time tv show.

Love the nerds . . . especially Sheldon.

One of my favorite episodes is when Sheldon decides to go on a health kick.   He eats healthy which almost sends him to the hospital.

The next day he meets up with Penny to run wearing his Flash shirt with plaid shorts.

Penny and Sheldon’s approach to running are polar opposites. 

Being laid back, she runs until she is hungry then gets a Bear Claw.  Being a nerd, Sheldon uses gadgets to track every step and vital sign.

Sheldon is sooooooooooo right about gadgets.

Walking without a pedometer is like a tree falling in the forest . . . does it make a sound if no one hears?

My husband swears that I wear my pedometer to record putting on my underwear. 

Who else feels that forgetting your pedometer is a tragedy of epic proportions?

Watch the YouTube video for a good laugh.

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  1. Frank 9 years ago

    The interaction between Sheldon and Penny is classic. The show is even better than “Friends.”

  2. Alice 9 years ago

    Several friends told me that Big Bang Theory was their favorite show. I didn’t start watching it until a few months ago and now it is a favorite of mine, too. I DVR several old episodes a night and I am almost caught up..

  3. Jim 9 years ago

    This episode when Sheldon went on a health kick was one of the best Big Bang Theory shows. I think I like the early years even better than the current season.

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