Robin Roberts Walks in Recovery

Robin Roberts Walks in Recovery

Robin Roberts Walks in Recovery
Robin Roberts Returns To GMA

Robin Roberts Returns To GMA

I woke up a little later than usual this morning.  The sun was shining but it was bitter cold and it was so comfy and warm in my bed with my dog snuggled up next to me that it was hard to get up.  Usually it is Jaycee that gets me up and moving but we were both feeling lazy today. 

I flipped on the TV and there was Robin Roberts who was making her return to GMA after having a bone marrow transplant and enduring months of recovery.

Watching Robin Roberts and thinking about what she has been through and what she was going through that day was so moving.  All of the emotions she felt at the moment of her return must have been overwhelming but she handled it like the pro that she is.

I thought why am I just laying here doing nothing?

I need to get up, get moving and enjoy the day and so I did.  As always, I felt so much better after my walk.  I always re-enter my house after my morning walk with a much better attitude than when I left.

I read in People Magazine that when she was well enough Roberts walked 14 laps around the nursing station which was a mile. 

If she can walk a mile while being confined to a hospital then I have no excuse for not being able to walk at least a mile every day.

In the People Magazine article Roberts says she is not always upbeat but that she “chooses to be happy and not string together the bad days”.  

We need to all make that our goal.  Give in to the bad moods and bad feelings when you need to but put a time limit on it.

According to People Magazine not only was Robin Roberts facing a serious illness but just before she began her treatments her mother passed away.   Roberts says of her mother Lucimarian that she could find a silver lining in the darkest cloud. 

Roberts believes that the timing of her death just days before her bone marrow transplant was a gift.  Says Roberts, “She knew she couldn’t be there for me physically, and as only a mother can, she found a way to be with me another way”.

It is easy to be lazy and cynical.  It is easy to make excuses about why you can’t do something.  But then you look at Roberts who wanted so much to live and return to just feeling normal. 

Robin Roberts is an inspiration to us all. 

As she says “I can be fearful or fearless.  I choose to be fearless.”

For more information on being a bone marrow donor go to Be The Match.

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  1. 2735Street 9 years ago

    Robin Roberts is such an inspiration. I can’t imagine having to go through 2 major illness all in the public eye. It is stories like this that make me think twice every time I complain.

  2. LadySybil 9 years ago

    I am in awe of Robin Roberts. She is amazing and she is proving that bald is beautiful.

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