5 Favorite Places to Walk in New York City on Rainy Days

5 Favorite Places to Walk in New York City on Rainy Days

5 Favorite Places to Walk in New York City on Rainy Days
Favorite Places to Walk in New York

Favorite Places to Walk in New York – Flickr Photo By Perfecto Insecto

Here you are in one of the greatest cities in the world only to find yourself staring at a sea of black umbrellas.  Yes, it is raining in New York City and your plan of being able to eat what you want because you are going to walk it off is unraveling. Not to worry, there is a rainbow in sight since there are plenty of walks you can take on a rainy day in New York. 

As any resident of the city will tell you, catching a taxi in the rain in New York is just about impossible. You may have to battle the umbrellas and walk to your destination or study your subway map and hop a train.

I like to walk around museums, on the inside that is, when it is raining.  There I can get a lot of steps in while staying dry.

In NYC my favorite walking museums are the following:

# 1 – The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Metropolitan Museum Of Art – Photo By Tomas Fano

The Metropolitan Museum of Art  is 2 million square feet and .25 miles long so you can cover some miles walking through the museum. You can walk and look and walk and look.  I have worn my pedometer to the Met where and find that I generally walk about 1 to 2 miles with some of that being on stairs.  When I go to the Met I go for the day.  (Located at 1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street).

# 2 – The Guggenheim


Guggenheim – Photo By Eschipul

The Guggenheim, designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, is known as much for its structure as its exhibitions.  Built in a spiral you walk up and up and up with the occasional foray into an exhibit in one of the side rooms.  (Located at 1071 Fifth Avenue at 89th Street)

Other Favorite New York Places to Walk

#3 – Walking  New York’s Grand Central Station

Walking Grand Central Station

Walking Grand Central Station – Photo By Linda in MO

Grand Central Station:  Grand Central Station is huge! It covers 48 acres, of course a lot of that is tracks and platforms for the trains but even so there is a lot of area to walk.  While you are walking stop and look up at the ceiling with its depiction of astrological signs.  There are too many restaurants, stores, specialty food shops to name here.  But one place I always stop on my walk through Grand Central Station is the central newsstand where you can browse magazines and newspapers in multiple languages. (Located at 42nd Street and Park Avenue)

#4 – Touring Chelsea Market

Exploring Chelsea Market - New York

Exploring Chelsea Market – New York – Photo By Anne Helmond

Chelsea Market  is on the old site of the National Biscuit Company where everything from Saltines to Oreos were made.  Now the building houses restaurants, stores, bakeries and all sorts of interesting retail establishments.  Food Network films there often. It is an interesting old building with a lot of things to look at while you walk.  (Located from 9th to 10th Avenue and 15th to 16th Street).  

#5 – Exploring Limelight Marketplace

Limelight Marketplace New York

Limelight Marketplace – Photo By Wally Gobetz

Limelight Marketplace  (Located at 47 W. 20th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues).  While you are in the area of Chelsea Market walk over to the Limelight Marketplace.  The Limelight was a church, then a disco/nightclub and now houses shops and specialty food stores.  You can’t get a lot of steps in there but it is a fun way to spend an hour or so on a rainy day.

You could just put on a raincoat and boots or buy a cheap umbrella at one of the mysterious sidewalk sellers that pop up as the first drops start to fall and start a rainy day walk in the city.  If you do that you will have to accept that you will be splashed by cars as they pass by you because they do not slow down rain or shine.  And be wary of New Yorkers rushing along the sidewalks taking no notice of dripping wet tourists blocking their way.

Flickr Photos Courtesy of Perfecto Insecto, Tomas Fano, Wally Gobetz, Eschipul, Linda in MO and Anne Helmond


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  1. Linda O 10 years ago

    I like to walk in Central Park. Will check out your suggestions of places to walk.

  2. Anne 10 years ago

    Wherever you decide to walk on a rainy day in New York stay away from Times Square. It is a mess with the crowds and the cars.

  3. Angie 10 years ago

    You may as well walk in the rain in New York City because you will never be able to catch a cab!

  4. Tom 10 years ago

    New York City is the greatest city in the world whether you see it walking, on the bus or in a taxi.

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