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Rainy Day Dog Walk

Rainy Day Dog Walk

Rainy Day Dog Walk
Rainy Dog Walking

Rainy Dog Walking

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet will keep us from our morning walk no matter how unhappy it makes one of us.

When I left for my walk this morning the evidence of earlier rain was there and it was definitely gloomy out but it was not actually raining at the time Jaycee and I started out.  But, it was threatening enough that I grabbed my raincoat before I left. 

The temperature was well into the 60’s so it was actually very pleasant as we started out.  I was feeling pretty good about my decision to burn a few calories in spite of the weather, after all book club is tonight and I know I will be eating more than I do on an average day.

After about a mile the skies opened up and it started to pour.  Jaycee may look like a lab but she is actually part water-hating dog.  I mean she will not even walk through a puddle because she hates for her feet to be wet.  She started pulling and straining in an effort to get home making for a walk that was the opposite of relaxing. 

The rain finally let up a bit as we got closer to home and Jaycee relaxed though she did glare at me for the last 100 yards as if to say “this was a stupid idea and it was yours”.  Nevertheless we made it home, a little damp but I was happy that at least I got a short walk in.

It must not have been too traumatic for Jaycee since she is now snoring on her couch which is a really nice way to spend a rainy day.  Maybe I should take a lesson from my dog and learn to relax and enjoy what the day brings.

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  1. Georgia Girl 9 years ago

    Jaycee does not look happy, but it is good to keep walking even when the weather is not best. you have to be committed to your weigh loss goals.

  2. Solo 9 years ago

    I love Jaycee!! I can’t believe she does not like the water, she looks so much like a lab. I actually enjoy walking in the rain, it is very relaxing for me, but it does not look like Jaycee agrees with me.

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