Playing Fetch On Our Walk

Playing Fetch On Our Walk

Playing Fetch On Our Walk

Man Fetches . . . Dog Supervises

There are dogs that are boring and there are dogs that are like “Marley and Me.”  Our dog, Chance, has a lot of personality. 

On our walks, everyone he meets is an immediate friend.   Growls and nips from other dogs are overlooked as signs of affection. He would never dream that the world isn’t filled with playground buddies.

Friends bought us a door mat that says “Our Dog is a Humper Not A Biter” which sums up Chance.  Like Marley, he would have been kicked out of Kathleen Turner’s training class.

One of our dog’s favorite things is to play fetch while walking.   Like all Golden Retrievers, Chance, goes crazy with balls.  In his exuberance to catch, he makes clouds of dust like Charlie Brown’s Pig Pen.   

Instead of waiting for the ball to land . . .  he slides, rolls and tumbles in the spirit of catching prey.  Somehow the ball inevitably ends up in ditches or other unretrievable “scary places” which adds to his fun. 

While Marley might have been the baddest dog in the world . . . our Chance is the smartest dog in the world.  In the photo above, Chance supervises my husband retrieving his ball. 

What other dog teaches man to fetch? Our boy is a genius.


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  1. Nice and cool article. Good pics too! 🙂

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