Pinterest – Search the Web Visually

Pinterest – Search the Web Visually

Pinterest – Search the Web Visually

Pinterest Boards Search Visually

Pinterest is one of the top social networks and in our opinion the most fun.

Much like a peg board, you “pin” pictures on boards to share your interests with the world or your friends.  Visitors can search Pinterest boards with key phrases to find what others have pinned.

Since millions are sharing their favorite pins, your search results are a peg board of pictures looking like a magazine.

Recently Discover Walking set up our Pinterest Boards

You can see our boards by clicking here or on the picture above.  If you don’t have a Pinterest account, we highly recommend Pinterest. 

There are hundreds of reasons to Pin

Are you planning a wedding?  Rennovating a house? Trying to decide on a dream vacation? Working with a decorator?  Showing your realtor home ideas? Organizing craft projects? Needing a dress for a special occasion?

Pinterest is for you because a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Set up boards that illustrate your favorites and share with others.    

Everyone will be on the same “page.”  You can even ask friends to comment on your choices.

Most popular websites have a “Pin It” Pinterest button that you can use to quickly add to your boards. 

You can see our “Pin It” button at the end of each article on our website. 

Even if a website doesn’t have a “Pin It” button, popular browsers have add ons and mobile devices have apps which you can use to easily click as you browse the web.

So sign up and start pinning today.  Feel free to Pin our pictures to Pinterest and follow our walking and health Pinterest boards by clicking here.

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  1. Paula 9 years ago

    Pinterest is my favorite way to find decorating ideas. I look through the favorites of other pinners.

  2. Linda 9 years ago

    Checked out your board. I liked the weight loss success stories.

  3. Fred 9 years ago

    Thanks. I repinned a few of your health articles to my boards

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