Paradise Restored After Our Tornado

Paradise Restored After Our Tornado

Paradise Restored After Our Tornado


Storms of Life - John Muir Quote 

Didn’t know how much I would miss our trees until they were gone. 

Like a painting, the sun used to kiss the branches in our backyard during the golden hour before sunset. Leaves would sway in paradise but our trees always withstood storms.

Recently a tornado ripped through our property in metro Atlanta.  

We used to tell friends there is never a bad day in paradise . . . unfortunately this day was the exception.

In just a few minutes, homes were destroyed in our neighborhood.  100 year old trees were ripped out of the earth. 

There was a sea of tree debris. Our property went from wooded land to a pile of uprooted trees that were so dense they became an obstacle course.

Our street was totally blocked with trees for 3 days.  Even though there was one bad day in paradise, the next day the sun was shining. 

With the dawn came friends, family and neighbors bringing their love and support.

When you watch hurricane and tornado devastation on tv, you can easily miss that with tragedy also brings countless expressions of kindness that are poured into each community.

We will never forget a friend cutting through a neighborhood behind our house to help us. 

Family driving all night from Florida to work all weekend. Another friend delivering a generator.  

Smiling crews of workers consisting of friends, family and strangers carrying our heavy loads.

Neighbors bringing us food, coffee, donuts, flowers and words of encouragement.

As we walked around our community there were scenes of neighbors helping neighbors rebuild.

While our former trees were beautiful and majestic, our paradise restored is enhanced by this experience. 

Our new trees planted will mark the memories of these angels of mercy . . . reminders of messengers of grace.


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