Papa Joe Aviance Develops 99 Cent Diet To Lose 250 Pounds

Papa Joe Aviance Develops 99 Cent Diet To Lose 250 Pounds

Papa Joe Aviance Develops 99 Cent Diet To Lose 250 Pounds
Papa Joe Aviance 99 Cent Diet

Papa Joe Aviance – 99 Cent Diet


Anyone on a shoestring budget can still lose weight with Papa Joe Aviance’s 99 Cent Diet.

Ironically seeing his 450 lb body on his video “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life” probably saved Papa Joe Aviance’s life.  The video was his “wake up call” that he needed to make a major diet change.

As a financially struggling musician, Aviance didn’t have money to join a gym, get gastric bypass surgery, buy expensive equipment or hire a personal trainer.  However, limited finances didn’t stop his determination. 

Necessity is the mother of invention . . . Aviance developed his own ingenious low budget diet plan.

With no funds to shop at upscale markets, Aviance discovered the wonders of his local 99 Cent Only Store.  There he found fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, salads, eggs, tuna fish and whole foods. 

Aviance would stock up on staples and prepare healthy meals in bulk. 

He cleared out the junk food and replaced his cupboards with convenient healthy meals.  Having prepared food on hand made it easy for him to manage his portions and stick to his meal plans.

Papa Joe Aviance spent no more than $50 per week on his 99 Cent Store food.

In this video of his appearance on The Doctors, you can see his shopping strategy: 

Walking was free.

Papa Joe Aviance increased his activity by listening to his favorite music while walking.  He started out by walking around the block.

Even brief walks were hard at first but gradually he worked his way up to 5 mile walks.

Using this 99 cent diet strategy plus daily walks . . . Aviance lost 250 pounds over an 18 month period.  People he saw on his walks noticed his amazing transformation and encouraged him.

Papa Joe Aviance inspired others to follow his 99 Center plan.

Aviance is so enthusiastic about his diet plan that he started Joe Walking blog and is now a musician PLUS a motivational speaker.

Here are some of his tips for weight loss:

Tip 1: Let the sidewalk be your gym.  Walking is free and a healthy activity.

Tip 2: Listen to music as you walk.  Music will help you walk further and enjoy your walks.

Tip 3:  When you have lost a lot of weight, compensate by carrying a weighted backpack to increase your calories burned.

Tip 4: Set realistic goals and make gradual changes.  Small changes will result in huge progress.

Tip 5:  Exchange foods like soda for healthy alternatives like water or iced tea. This exchange reduced his calorie count by 500 calories per day.  He lost 1 pound every 5 days with this one small painless change.

Tip 6: Stay motivated by rewarding your progress. Celebrate your weight loss victories.

Tip 7: Remove temptations by throwing out unhealthy foods. 

Tip 8: You don’t have to spend a fortune on healthy foods.  Shop for nutritious food at 99 Cent Only Stores.

Tip 9:  Prepare your meals in bulk so your healthy fast food is convenient.

Follow Papa Joe Aviance’s 99 Cent Diet and walking tips to succeed in your weight loss and fitness goals.


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  1. Chris 9 years ago

    Wow! This is a diet that everyone should know. 99 cent is really too good to be true. But I have to check this out and see what others think about it.

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