Need a Omron Pedometer Clip Replacement? Creative Alternatives

Need a Omron Pedometer Clip Replacement? Creative Alternatives

Need a Omron Pedometer Clip Replacement? Creative Alternatives

omron-pedometer-clip-replacement.jpgRecently my Omron pedometer clip broke after years of every day use. Since my pedometer is on every waking moment, this was truly a crisis.

The second plastic clip is your failsafe and for sure will save you from losing or dropping your pedometer several times a day. Your can either buy a new Omron pedometer or find a creative alternative clip. I wanted a quick replacement so I opted for creative solutions and enlisted my husband’s help.

My husband, Joe, is a born hunter gatherer. If you send him on a mission, he gets in an infinite loop of possibilities. One request will generate years of purchases and possibilities. Protesting that he can stop doesn’t end his quest. So began his search for the perfect Omron pedometer clip replacement.

Office Supplies Stores

Joe’s first stop was office supply stores. He returned with a huge collection of paper clips. Metal clips, plastic clips, clips with springs, clips with vice like grips. Unfortunately . . . paper clips were made for paper and not Omron pedometers. Save yourself the trip.

Fabric Stores
Joe’s next trip was to fabric stores. Fabric stores have plastic clips and suspender clips. Actually suspender clips work well but they aren’t very fashionable.

Baby Stores
In an enlightened moment, Joe decided to go to a baby store. There he found teddy bear baby diaper pins, Disney clips, Winnie the Pooh binky holders and a motherload of colorful baby gadgets to hold a pedometer in place.

Winnie didn’t have a strong clip so I wouldn’t recommend him and diaper pins poke holes in your clothes. However, any binky clip that looks like suspender holder is a good choice. Plus wearing a pacifier holder will make you laugh.

Binky holders became my favorite Omron pedometer clip replacement. Dump the pacifier (AKA your binky) and attach your pedometer . . . you will be good to go. Big thumbs up.

With my huge selection of Omron clip replacement possibilities, we could have bought a new pedometer but buying a new pedometer wouldn’t have been half as fun as the treasure hunt.

Now if I can just stop Joe from finding even more clip replacements.


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  1. Henny 11 years ago

    Kewl you should come up with that. Excellent!

  2. Connie 11 years ago

    My hat is off to your asute command over this topic-bravo!

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