Obese Walkers Start Slow To Burn More Calories

Obese Walkers Start Slow To Burn More Calories

Obese Walkers Start Slow To Burn More Calories

Many fitness plans include aerobic exercise for overall health benefits.  Often walkers like to spend at least some of their walking time breaking a sweat.

Building up to a speed that will get the old heart pumping is a more difficult affair for obese walkers.  In fact, those overweight often cite the impossibility of walking at any real speed as their reason to put off beginning an exercise program.

Now there is good news for those who are overweight.  A new study, performed by  Ray Browning a doctoral student at the University of Colorado, indicates that obese walkers can actually gain greater benefits from walking at slower speeds!

Many people begin a walking program with the primary intention of losing weight.  The recent University of Colorado study gives obese walkers something to celebrate.

Ray Browning discovered that obese patients burn more calories when walking at slower speeds thus helping them to lose more weight. Slower walking is also kinder to strained joints from added weight than more vigorous exercise. These factors point to an exercise regime that is easier for obese people to begin, and will lead more quickly to weight loss goals.

Slower walking, however, does not offer the same cardiovascular benefits provided with a more vigorous exercise regime.  However, this study offers overweight people a real incentive to get moving at slow pace.  According to this study, taking small and steady steps is the best place for overweight patients to start walking programs.

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