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Nordic Walking Poles – Burn More Calories

Nordic Walking Poles – Burn More Calories

Nordic Walking Poles – Burn More Calories

Burn up to 40% more calories and help prevent knee and hip injuries at the same time by using Nordic walking poles. Walking with rubber tipped walking poles can help provide you with a whole body workout without making you feel like you are working any harder.

Europeans have used walking poles for years as a way to burn calories, increase heart rate and tone muscles.  The concept is simple – the more muscles you use, the more calories you burn. The motion of the poles causes you to work your chest, back, abdominal, arm, butt and hip muscles harder than with walking alone.

If you suffer from sore knees or hips walking poles may help reduce the pain, especially walking up and down inclines.  The stress on your joints is less as the poles absorb more of the impact.

If you decide to walk with poles make sure you use the proper technique – grasp the poles lightly keeping them slightly behind you. Start walking and alternately extend your arms with a motion similar to shaking hands with someone. Keep your elbows loose and put the tip of the walking pole on the ground when your arm moves forward. When your arm goes back the pole should push off the ground. This motion will move you forward. Alternate striking the ground with your poles and heels.

It’s not every day that you can burn more calories without feeling like you are working harder.

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