No Hiking in Stilettos

No Hiking in Stilettos

No Hiking in Stilettos
No Hiking in Stilettos Via dell' Amore

No Hiking in Stilettos Via dell’ Amore


This sign shows a pair of pink high heels with a big X through them, meaning “No Hiking in High Heels!”

For most of us this would be a totally needless sign because it would never occur to us to actually hike in high heels. But if they have a sign preventing it, that means that people were actually caught hiking or more likely falling in their high heels.

I found the sign in Monterosso, one of the villages of the Cinque Terre in Italy. Although you could walk the Via dell’ Amore in heels, because it is paved, the other trails are fairly rugged and should be hiked in good walking shoes or hiking boots.

 For our visitors wanting an excellent guide to Cinque Terre click this link or the picture below to check out Rick Steves guidebook:

Rick Steves Cinque Terre Guidebook

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  1. Teesha 10 years ago

    Lol, thats awesome. Who would even think to hike in high heels anyways?

  2. Mary 10 years ago

    I am pretty sure that I will laugh a lot if I see someone who is wearing high heels while on a hiking. If they want to fall down go wear a high heels. Will you do modeling while hiking? Wearing hiking boots or any other good walking shoes will be more comfortable for hiking I think. Don’t wear high heels if you’ll go hiking, it’s for your own safety.

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