Nike Women’s Air Miler Walk +2 Review

Nike Women’s Air Miler Walk +2 Review

Nike Women’s Air Miler Walk +2 Review


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Relaxing After My Morning Walk In My Nike Air Miler Walking Shoes


The Nike Women’s Air Miler Walk +2 are my favorite walking shoes. 

I have tried so many walking shoes and have found fault with each one.  Some are too firm, others too flexible.  But these shoes are just right!

I walk 25+ aerobic miles plus a few more walking around miles per week in these shoes and never experience any foot, knee or toe pain all of which I am prone too. 

When soles are too hard I tend to have problems with my sciatic nerve.  If the soles are too narrow, I have problems with my knees. 

The Nike’s mesh top keeps my toes from being mashed. 

I like to walk with some limited running and the Air Miler accommodates that.


  • The spongy insoles make the shoes very comfortable and protects your foot from impact
  • The mesh upper keeps your toes from being pushed into the toe of the show and allows the shoe to breathe
  • The shoes are true to size
  • The Air Miler is durable.  I walk/run 25+ miles per week and the shoes last 6 to 9 months
  • Nike Air Milers come in both white and black (the black are wonderful because they do not get dirty)


  •  The mesh upper gets wet when you walk in the rain

Check them out at the Amazon link below.

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