New iPad 3 Camera – Roswell Photo Tour

New iPad 3 Camera – Roswell Photo Tour

New iPad 3 Camera – Roswell Photo Tour
New iPad 3 Photo Tour - Roswell, Georgia

New iPad 3 Photo Tour – Roswell, Georgia

Roswell, Georgia near the town square is a wonderful place to walk with its quaint shops, craftsman style homes and  unique restaurants.   Last Sunday, was a sunny spring day with dogwoods and flowers at their peak beauty.  

I took the opportunity to record a photo tour of our walk with my new iPad 3 camera so you could see first hand the picture quality.  Hope you all will be inspired to take your own photo walks.

Usually would pop the colors and do a few tweaks to photos for this website. However, so you could see the actual new iPad 3 photo results, my only retouching was using SnagIt or Photoshop to crop and optimize photos so they would display quickly for you on this web page. 

Old Wood Building iPad 3 Photo

Old Wood Building iPad 3 Photo

My niece has an iPad 2 camera.  She said you almost need an tripod or some surface to steady the iPad 2 camera. Stablization is NOT a problem with the new iPad 3, it automatically stabilizes your photos.  I just framed the photo in the big iPad screen and clicked.  Nothing could be easier. Zero blurred photos.

Slate Restaurant - Roswell, Georgia

Slate Restaurant – Roswell, Georgia

Spring is the best time to eat outside.  People walking and riding their bikes are part of your entertainment.  Since this photo tour was taken on a Sunday afternoon, many of the restaurants weren’t open but Roswell has a lot of wonderful outdoor restaurants. 

Craftsman Style House - Roswell, Georgia

Craftsman Style House – Roswell, Georgia

Did I ever mention that I am a huge fan of craftsman style homes?  One of the reasons I love walking near the town square in Roswell is to see beautiful renovated craftsman style homes.  When we were building our home, we spent Sundays walking miles and miles getting home design ideas.  This taupe home color was one of our house color finalists.  Love the color. 

If you ever have to build a house, go for walks in favorite communities and take lots of photos.  It is great exercise and you will be inspired.

Eclectic Finds at Elegant Attic

Eclectic Finds at Elegant Attic

Sure you could go to the mall and walk but you would miss seeing all the funky outdoor yard pieces of Elegant Attic. Must admit there were a few times that I missed my Nikon D40 camera and this was one of those times.

With the new iPad 3, you have a huge screen to review and frame your photos.  I love this feature. 
However, you can’t change to aperture or shutter priority mode.  This photo would have looked better in aperture mode with the background blurred.  Possibly there is an iPad app for this feature but it isn’t a standard feature.

Another Photo Which Needed Apperture Priority

Love the wagon.  Again this photo needed aperture priority to blur the background.  Apple iPad feature request . . . please add this in iPad 4.

Fickle Pickle Restaurant - Roswell, Georgia

What can be more southern then brunch on a rocking chair front porch of a craftsman home?  Takes you back to simpler days.

Chicken Yard Art

Chicken Yard Art

When visitors want to find a Marietta address, directions always include the Big Chicken.  Asked what a Big Chicken is . . .   Atlanta natives respond by saying, “You will know when you see it.”

Not the Big Chicken but this yard art chicken at Fickle Pickle Restaurant looks a lot better then the Big Chicken. 🙂

Kents - Roswell, Georgia

Kents – Roswell, Georgia

Love the glass porch and stone work.  Wonder what their secret is for keeping their beige pillows looking good?  Mine are on a covered porch drenched in pollen this time of year.

Out in the sunlight, it was hard to review the iPad 3 screen to see when the white balance was off.  Wish I could use my Photoshop to pop the colors for you but I won’t cheat.  This is the shot. 

Pet Fancy Store - Roswell, Georgia

Pet Fancy Store – Roswell, Georgia

 Even the pet stores in Roswell have southern charm.  This is our dog Chance’s favorite spot on the iPad photo tour.

Cat Veterinarian - Roswell, Georgia

Cat Clinic Wisteria – Roswell, Georgia

 Beautiful wisteria covered pergola for cat lovers at the Cat Clinic.  Wisteria is one of the most beautiful vines. 

Table-& Main Restaurant

Table-& Main Restaurant – Roswell Georgia

 Table and Main is one of the largest outdoor restaurants. Haven’t eaten there yet but we will definitely go there soon.

Nine Street Kitchen Sidewalk Restaurant

Nine Street Kitchen Sidewalk Restaurant


Salt Factory Restaurant

Salt Factory is another favorite Roswell restaurant.  Like their hamburgers and salads.


Inc Sidewalk Cafe

 We recently went to Inc with four friends.  Everyone loved their dinners and the waitress was friendly. 

Hazel Clothing - New iPad 3 Photo


The new iPad 3 camera did a good job with the colors in this photo. 

Art Gallery

Art Gallery

If you want to find unique gifts for special occasions, visit stores near the Roswell Square.  It is one of our favorite areas to shop.

Roswell Town Square

Roswell Town Square

A little further down the road is the Roswell Town Square.  You will often find wedding parties taking pictures, Taste of Roswell, art shows and other special events.

Hope you enjoyed our new iPad 3 walking tour of Roswell.  Bottomline .  . . love the new iPad 3 camera.  The large screen to frame photos and review is probably my favorite feature of the camera.    Occasionally my Nikon blurs the shot if the camera isn’t totally steady.  The iPad 3 never blured even though I didn’t really brace to take all of these photos. 

The iPad is perfect for quick photos “on the go.” 



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  1. Georgia Girl 10 years ago

    I love Roswell Georgia. We go walking there all the time, there are great restaraunts, art galleries and some nice antique stores. Nine is one of my favorite restaurants – a little pricey but great food!

  2. Nice shots from your new iPad.


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