New Balance 801 Slides

New Balance 801 Slides

New Balance 801 Slides

New Balance Shoes


This is a great walking shoe based on the famous New Balance 801 design.

It cushions with Abzorb (trademark) heel and forefoot and c-cap (trademark)midsole. It’s got a solid rubber outsole and mesh upper. With a snug fit you have the comfordence to walk around the block or anywhere locally. It’s not recommended for hiking, but it’s a dream camp shoe for relaxing after a tough day on the trail.

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  1. Jenifier Lee 15 years ago

    I frequently visit Finish Line a superb shopping store, it has huge varieties of shoes at discounted prices.

  2. Brandon Matthew 14 years ago

    I was just wondering for a walking you and those New Balance 801 design is really a great walking shoe. I like to walk more than run due to asthma.

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