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Are You Too Tired to Walk and Exercise? Do You Need More Energy?

Are You Too Tired to Walk and Exercise? Do You Need More Energy?

Are You Too Tired to Walk and Exercise? Do You Need More Energy?
Need Energy Get Some Sleep

Need Energy Get Some Sleep

If you are exhausted, could be you really are exhausted


Your body and brain might be trying to communicate to you.  Are you listening?


Woke up the other morning with incredible energy

Wondered what was different since I am usually a night owl.  After going through the list of possible suspects of renewed energy, I realized that instead of my usual 4 hours of sleep . . . I had gotten 7 glorious hours of sleep.

Call me braindead but somehow I had not equated lack of energy with lack of sleep.  If you are sleep deprived and lack energy, jolts of caffeine and buzz drinks aren’t the solution.  Getting more sleep is a healthier solution.

According to the Mayo Clinic,  many people who claim to feel bright and cheerful on just a few hours of sleep each night might not be as bright as they think they are. 

Their research shows that people who get too little sleep over many nights do not perform as well on complex mental tasks as people who get approximately 7 hours of sleep per night. In other words, not only will your energy level improve with adequate sleep but so will your mental abilities.

Don’t overdo or underdo your sleeping hours 

Getting too little as well as too much sleep is associated with a higher adult mortality rate. Find a happy medium.

Your New Year’s resolutions to walk and exercise will be easier to achieve with the proper amount of sleep.

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