Discover Moving Art on Your Walks

Discover Moving Art on Your Walks

Discover Moving Art on Your Walks

Gratitude Time Lapse Photography


TED is one of the best sites on the internet.

Experts from Technology, Health, Entertainment and Design share their profound insights from their fields.  Usually TED talks  are no more than 20 minutes but these short lectures offer life changing information.

TED lectures are communicated in layman’s terms so non-experts can understand a concept.  These snippets of information become seeds for change. 

After watching Dr. Terry Wahls share “Minding Your Mitochondria” on TED’s channel, I switched to Paleo eating.   It is amazing how a brief lecture can cure you of junk food.

Another incredible TED talk is Louie Schwartzberg’s presentation “Gratitude”

Louie travels all over the world filming breathtaking time lapse photography which he calls moving art.  One flower blooming can take him a month to film. 

Through his lens you behold the unfolding beauty and wonder of life’s art which no artist can capture on canvas.  

Louie’s talent is to give you eyes to see how you are constantly surrounded by stunning moving art.

After watching Louie’s film, you will realize that you are enclosed in beauty.  Every moment is an opportunity to enjoy

With over 3 million views, Gratitude is the most popular TED talk of all time.  Definitely an “idea worth spreading.” 

Watch this Ted Talk then go for a life changing walk as you see nature’s artwork:

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  1. Linda Jones 9 years ago

    I saw this Ted Talk. The video makes me appreciate the beauty of this world.

  2. Perry 9 years ago

    I felt gratitude watching this video. Thanks for sharing it.

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