More Benefits of Walking – Walk off your Anger

More Benefits of Walking – Walk off your Anger

More Benefits of Walking – Walk off your Anger

One of the many benefits of walking is that it is great for stress relief. One of the main causes of stress is anger. We all experience moments when we are angry whether it is something simple like the cable guy not showing up on time or something major such as an argument with a spouse or boss.

At times like this we may feel like screaming at the offending person or firing off an e-mail to let the object of our anger know just how mad we are.  Neither of these are good options. A better option is to take a few deep breathes and take a walk.

You can either go outside or walk inside if you happen to be in a large office building. Anything to get moving and start walking off your anger.

In an ideal world I would go play tennis and take my anger out on the tennis court. Others would play golf, play a game of basketball or go for a jog. Those options are not always available to us, but you can almost always step outside and go for a short walk.

I have walked out of bad meetings at work and still in my high heels walked around the building to get past those first few minutes of anger. This not only relieved my stress but also prevented me from saying something I would later regret or worse sending a flaming e-mail that would exist forever.

So whether it is an argument at work or at home, with your co-workers or manager, your spouse or your children a good first step is to put some distance between you and the object of your ire by taking a walk. You will come back with a clear mind and will be better able to address what caused your anger. So take control and start walking off your anger.

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