Mall Walking Tips

Mall Walking Tips

Mall Walking Tips

The holidays are over and now we are all trying to get back in shape before spring comes and we are forced to take off our sweaters and turtlenecks or risk heat exhaustion.  What better way to work your way back into shape then to start a walking program?

Most cities in the US have malls within an easy drive or better yet a short walk.  The obvious advantage of walking in the mall is that it is in a temperature controlled environment.  Most malls have two stories so you can add a little more cardio by walking up and down the stairs as you make your loop.

The crowds are gone so you should be able to walk around the mall without having to stop and let people pass or without bumping into busy shoppers.

You spent all your money over the holidays so there is no reason for you to stop and shop, allowing you to keep your pace.  The holiday window decorations have been taken down so there is nothing for you to stop and admire or worse to covet other than the nice spring fashions that you will be able to wear if you keep on walking.

If you like to walk and talk get a friend or two to join you on your trek through the mall.  Many malls actually have formal mall walking programs.  If you are walking alone plan out your day in your head while you walk.

If you follow the 10,000 step program you should try to get at least 6,000 steps walking in the mall.  Without trying most of us can walk at least 4,000 steps in the normal course of the day.

Make sure you avoid the food court.  You should congratulate yourself for having finished your mall walking workout.  Don’t ruin it by eating junk food, instead if you want to reward yourself buy a fat free latte.

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