Stair Walking Lessons From My Dog

Stair Walking Lessons From My Dog

Stair Walking Lessons From My Dog
Dog Stair Walking Lessons

Dog Stair Walking Lessons

Walking up and down stairs is great exercise.  It gets your heart rate up and burns calories. 

For most of us who try to walk the stairs it is a matter of walking stairs rather than taking an elevator. 

But, I do have friends who walk up and down their stairs at home or work in order to fit more steps in their day or to get their heart rate up and burn more calories.  Before you start a stair walking program make sure you are wearing safe and comfortable shoes.  No stair walking in heels ladies!

Dog Relaxing After Walking Stairs

Jaycee Relaxing


  • Go as fast as you can, safely:

    Jaycee has four feet and is closer to the ground so she can run up and down the stairs.  The rest of us need to hold on to the railing and go only as fast as we can safely

  •  Keep your eye on your goal:

     Jaycee likes to always win the race by getting down the stairs first, for the rest of us it is getting more steps in our day or burning more calories

  • Reward yourself when you reach your goal: 

    Jaycee loves her tennis ball so retrieving her tennis ball is a reward for the rest of us it may be something as simple as visiting with a co-worker on another floor

  • Stop when your knees hurt or you can’t catch your breath:

    Even Jaycee stops and takes a break when she needs one

  • Make sure the stairs are well lit and safe:

    Jaycee runs up and down the stairs at the beach in the sunlight, at night she goes very slow

  • Relax when you are finished:

    This is the same whether you are human or dog!


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  1. Paula 10 years ago

    Doing the stairs is quite an exercise and it really burns all those calories as much more than doing the flats. but be sure to wear the right shoes for this and make all those steps a sure one or you will end up with a sprained ankle or wost of it in the hospital.

    Paula from lit coffre 

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