Is Your Pedometer Cheating On You?

Is Your Pedometer Cheating On You?

Is Your Pedometer Cheating On You?

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Every step you walk is precious when trying to make your 10,000 step daily goal. Do you ever wonder if your pedometer is counting all your steps?

The easiest way to check your pedometer’s accuracy is to count your steps and compare them to what your pedometer records. Here is how you check the accuracy:

  1. Note the current step count on your pedometer
  2. Start walking without stopping while counting your steps for approximately 100 steps. For example, if your current count is 506, you would start walking and count 507, 508, 509, etc.
  3. When you reach 606, stop walking and note your pedometer step count. If your manual count matches the pedometer count, your pedometer was accurately counting your steps.

Usually a step difference is no big deal. However, if your pedometer only recorded a couple of steps, you are losing ground toward your daily goal because of your pedometer’s lack of accuracy.

You may want to run this check for your pedometer’s accuracy by wearing different shoes and placing your pedometer on different locations of your clothing.  Also, walk in different conditions like on the beach, on carpet and with different shoes.

Your pedometer may be accurate for walking on concrete with leather shoes but failing to count your steps when walking on the beach. If your pedometer is not accurate, you may want to consider replacing your pedometer.

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