How To Do Walking Lunges Indoors

How To Do Walking Lunges Indoors

How To Do Walking Lunges Indoors

how to do walking lunges


Now that we are getting into the winter months, walking lunges are a great way to exercise indoors.

Many people vow to exercise for 1 hour every day.  They start an exercise program and are faithful for a week or two but soon the demands of life get in the way.  

Instead of time consuming goals that are often not achieved, set easy goals for yourself like 5 minutes of exercise.   If you work from home and sit at your desk for long hours, set a timer every hour to get up and exercise for a few minutes.  

Often a few minutes stretch into longer periods of exercise.  If not, you will still feel great that you have achieved your goal.  

Taking a walking lunge break will burn calories and help you tone up.  

One of the best exercises that yield quick results is walking lunges. You can do walking lunges while watching TV or listening to your iPod.  

You can get a great cardio workout in the comfort of your home.   They are one of the best indoor exercises because they take very little space to work your lower body.  

Benefits of Walking Lunges

Walking lunges work your buns, glutes, quads, hamstrings and inner thighs.  Plus they are a wonderful cardio exercise.  Your balance and posture will improve if you do walking lunges on a regular basis.

You Need to Know How To Do Walking Lunges Properly To Avoid Injury

Walking lunges are a lot like standing lunges but you move forward instead of returning to a standing position.  When doing the exercise indoors just turnaround when you come to a wall. 

One of the best ways to learn how to do walking lunges is seeing them done visually. has a YouTube video that demonstrates the proper technique. After watching the video, take a health break and start your walking lunge exercise program today.

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