How to Clean Merrell Suede Walking Shoes

How to Clean Merrell Suede Walking Shoes

How to Clean Merrell Suede Walking Shoes
How to Clean Merrell Jungle Moc Walking Shoes

How to Clean Merrell Jungle Moc Walking Shoes

Being a nightowl, my husband and I often walk late at night on the back roads in our community. 

Uneven pavement, dark nights, streets with inattentive drivers and an 85 pound dog that needs the Dog Whisperer to come for a house call makes walking a challenge.  Until the other night, I had been wearing regular street shoes for my new 10,000 steps per day goal. 

In hindsight, that was a huge mistake.  Street shoes aren’t designed for long walks in varying terrain.  I kept on slightly turning my ankle but never went down for the count until the other night when a curb and pavement change on a dark street did me in. 

When I fell, kind drivers stopped and asked if I needed help which was totally embarrassing.  Since it was freezing cold, I was well padded with layered clothing except for my hands. 

Now I have a left hand that looks like it got the Mark of Zorro.  You know that strange Z Zorro cut into his enemies as the ultimate insult. 

After my fall, I rummaged through closets to find walking shoes. 

Discovered some old Merrell Jungle Moc Nubuck walking shoes that had been abandoned since they were covered with sheet rock dust and mud.  The Merrells had seen too many days on our new home construction site a few years back. 

Since I needed walking shoes that I could wear until I found new walking shoes, I decided to wash and clean the old Merrell walking shoes. 

Figured I had nothing to lose cleaning them since they were too gross to wear “as is.”  Sprayed them with Krud Kutter, then brushed off the worst of the sheet rock mud from the suede and soles.  Filled the washing machine, added liquid Tide and Oxyclean then dumped them in with a few rags to add to the cleaning agitation. 

Washed the shoes on warm using a regular cycle.  When they came out of the wash, set them near our central heat vent to dry.  In the morning, they were ready to wear.

These Merrells aren’t my Sunday best shoes anymore but surprisingly they looked decent enough to wear again.   You can see the results of my efforts in the picture above.

Wore them to visit several shoe stores to try on new models.  As I compared the old with the new, I remembered why my husband and I love Merrell Jungle Moc suede shoes. 

With these shoes, you don’t waste time with laces because they slip on.  They are strudy, comfortable and give you a lot of support when walking.  They look fine with long pants.

Newer models of walking shoes, couldn’t beat my trusty Merrell Jungle Nubuck Mocs so I bought a new pair. 

Any suede walking shoe that can survive construction site abuse plus washing and still give more wear is amazing in my book.  The old Merrell Jungle Mocs will be my backups on rainy days or if I ever walk through construction sites again.

If you have a pair of Merrells you are about to throw out because they are filthy, you might want to see if they survive cleaning.  You do risk destroying the shoes in the wash but if they are about to hit the trash heap anyway . . . you might get some more wear.

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  1. Chantel Jennings 10 years ago

    Sometimes older is better, the new shoes sometimes get too technical which might work for some people. I do love hiking in Vibrams!

    • Micheal 10 years ago

      That’s not just logic. That’s really sensible.

  2. Johnelle 10 years ago

    I suppose that sounds just about right.

  3. Carrie 10 years ago

    You have shed a ray of suhnsine into the forum. Thanks!

  4. Fred 10 years ago

    Have had a pair of Merrell walking shoes for 3 years. I wear them everywhere..

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