Holiday Weight Gain? Here Are Some Weight Loss Walking Tips

Holiday Weight Gain? Here Are Some Weight Loss Walking Tips

Holiday Weight Gain? Here Are Some Weight Loss Walking Tips
Holiday Weight Gain?  Our Weight Loss Tips
Holiday Weight Gain? Our Weight Loss Tips


Follow Our Weight Loss Walking & Exercise Tips to Eliminate Your Annual Holiday Weight Gain


When my husband started joking that he could play Santa without any padding, we realized that we needed to change our ways.  Cold weather has set in and it is hard to go outside.  Indoor exercise isn’t as exhilarating so here was our gameplan.


We set a goal of walking & exercising indoors 15 minutes every day

You might laugh at such a meager goal but it helped us  get off the couch.  Moving from inertia is going to be your biggest hurdle to success.

Our basement is our workout area.  We take turns on the treadmill while the other person walks, lifts weights, climbs stairs or uses the rebounder.   We have a tv downstairs so the time passes quickly.

15 minutes is such an easy goal that we usually will walk outside with our golden retriever afterwards

Our dog, Chance, does a happy dance when we want to walk with him.  He literally spins in circles when we make moves to go outside with him.

Chance doesn’t like the heat but he is a bundle of energy in cold weather.  If we all only had a fur coat, we might feel the same way!  Since we live for the happiness of our dog, he is our great exercise motivator.

When you have worked out for 15 minutes walking and exercising .  .  . cold weather feels great.  Plus a happy dog is the best walking entertainment. 

Don’t let colder weather and Christmas goodies destroy your resolve to walk and lose weight.  You just need to plan for success.  

With all the things everyone needs to do for the holidays, you don’t want to get discouraged.  Small goals are sustainable and lead to bigger successes.  You will feel like a winner when you exceed your goals so start today with 15 minutes of exercise.  If you have a dog, include your dog as your motivator. 

Let us know your results.

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  4. Jill 10 years ago

    Starting with small goals works. I started slow and now I am at 10,000 steps per day.

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