Have Fun With Your Camera

Have Fun With Your Camera

Have Fun With Your Camera

Dog With Snake


Turn your camera into an entertainment center if you are stuck in your house. 

It may be the weather that keeps you inside or a kid who is not sick enough to be confined to bed but not well enough to go to school.  This is the perfect time to have fun with your camera.  My nephew is a master at this.

One Christmas we were housebound for days with relatives. 

It did not take long before we were getting on each other’s nerves.  We were bickering, dredging up arguments from our childhood and overeating just to pass the time when one of my sisters turned and said “hey, since when has Mr. Potato Head been a part of the manger?” 

Yep, my very bored nephew had stuck a Mr. Potato Head in the middle of our manger. 

It broke the tension and we spent the rest of the day putting Mr. Potato Head, a stuffed Lion and all sorts of other objects in surprising places.  We took pictures so we could remember the fun.

Someone, I never found out who, did a similar thing one rainy day at the beach. 

They tied a toy snake around Jaycee’s collar. 

I don’t know how long she walked around like that when I suddenly looked at her and saw her with her green and yellow snake tied around her neck.   I still can’t believe she was such a willing participant.

Sometimes it is the simple things that cause us to laugh the loudest.



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  1. Paula 9 years ago

    LOL at your dog. So cute

  2. romcom1984 9 years ago

    That is too cute! And she is so good to just sit there. My dog would be running all over trying to get the snake off.

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