Google Map Street View Adds Hiker View

Google Map Street View Adds Hiker View

Google Map Street View Adds Hiker View

google hiker view

Lately I have been exploring hiking trails in my area based on web searches.  Going to a website and reading about a trail often doesn’t provide the information to know if a trail is worth visiting.  Plus hiking trails often have horrible map guides.

Some hiking trails have been huge disappointments while others are now my favorites.

Google has a new video project for the Grand Canyon which is a perfect solution.

They use a 40 lb camera backpack to record a hiker’s experience to bring into map street view.  View the video below to see their new project.

No camera can capture the breathtaking experience of hiking the Grand Canyon but a preview of hiking the trails makes you want to go.

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  1. Ashley 10 years ago

    Such an amazing idea, it’d be great if they did the hikes in different seasons as well as sometimes a hike can be completely different!

  2. Ian 10 years ago

    Wow, that really does make me want to hike there! I have been preparing and making sure that my body’s ready for more adventurous trails this year so I can probably add this one to a list that I have made for possible trails.

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